Cornerstone Church Annual Softball Tournament

It’s that time of year again! Cornerstone Church and the Legacy Community will be hosting the annual softball tournament! The Cornerstone Softball Tournament is a fun day of double-elimination softball with lots of fellowship, highlighted with concessions full of typical softball treats!  The competition ranges from the “put on a glove once a year” type of player, to some pretty serious league-level athletes.  As in past years, we ask you to come and have fun – and to use that God-given wisdom to know when to bat-away and when to pull back just a tad.  

Appointed Team Captains will take responsibility for the members of their team – this is to avoid any unnecessary confrontations between players, umpires, and staff. Every team must be sponsored by a church and we ask they review the competition rules prior to the first game.  We encourage you to invite non-church members to play, but they need to have the blessing of a local church. If you know any other churches or organizations that might be interested, please pass along our contact information or forward this flyer to them. All umpires will be provided and are included in the pricing. Insurance Certificates must be turned in with the non-refundable registration fee by May 12th. There will be an additional $75 late fee charge for those that do not turn these items in on time.  This will help the planning committee have an accurate forecast on food and will help with scheduling the day of the event.  

Click here and please fill out the roster and send your entry fee by May 12th

Click here and read the official rules for the Annual Softball Tournament