Pastor Dans Bio

Full name:  Dan Lewiston


Nick Name:  Pops

My mom called me:  Danny

Your family:  Jen is my BEST FRIEND and my wife of 22 years, Isaiah – Bella – Ian my amazing 3 kids!

Ministry Role:  Lead Instigator and Relationship Builder

Favorite Baseball Team: New York Yankees

Favorite College Football team: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Dream vacation:  Anywhere with my Best Friend

What’s your regular order at Starbucks?  Venti Iced Americano or Chai Latte

Favorite movie:  Shawshank Redemption, Everyone’s Hero, It’s A Wonderful Life, and 9 Innings of Baseball

Favorite scripture: Numbs. 16:48, “There he stood between the living of the dead, and the plague (of sin) stopped.”

People who inspire me are: Ronald Reagan, Veterans, Missionaries, Under Dogs

Previous job or line of work: Video Game Room Attendant – that is why I am not a gamer!

One thing that most people don’t know about me:  I almost blew up a house, with gasoline once. While my Best Friend just laughed!

I’ve been in ministry since:  1992

When and where did you get saved:  1982 in Goldsboro, NC at First Assembly of God

Music that moves me:  Passionate, Movie Scores, Authentic

Favorite singer or band: Audio Adrenaline, Rodney Atkins, Light and Motion

Life-changing moment:  When Jen said, “I know that God called you into the ministry, He already told me!”

What sport are you not good at: Soccer is not a sport!

Fears:  Pride and Envy

Favorite book: Call of the Wild by Jack London, Confessions of a Reformational Rev by Mark Driscoll, The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus, The Peter Newman Trilogy by Oliver North, Surprise the World by Michael Frost

In my spare time I… Read, Baseball, Coach, Cook, Shop, Hang with my Best Friend

Favorite TV show: MASH, Baseball, Amazing Race, Blue Bloods

Favorite actor: Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford, John Wayne,

Least favorite food: Factory Meatloaf from Cheesecake Factory, canned/jarred Spaghetti/Pizza Sauce

What makes you laugh? Life

The most exotic place you’ve ever been to:  Sentosa Island, Singapore

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done:  Be a Dad, Be a Youth Pastor, and Be a Yankees Fan at Fenway Park

My hero:  My Best Friend, My Kids, and Jesus

Least favorite thing to do: Fill out profiles and paperwork and shovel snow