Pastor Jens Bio

Full name:  Jen Lewiston

Nick Name:  JLew

My mom called me:  Jennifer

Your family:  My family is amazing, I have an awesome husband of 21 years and 3 amazing kids. Isaiah 15, Isabella 10 and Ian 5

Ministry Role:  Next Gen Pastor and Youth Pastor

Dream vacation:  Hawaii

What’s your regular order at Starbucks?  Sweet Crème Cold Brew

Favorite movie:  The Shack

Favorite scripture: Romans 8:38

People who inspire me are:  People who do what they are called to well and with all of their heart.

Previous job or line of work: Nanny

One thing that most people don’t know about me:  I was proposed to twice, by the same guy!

I’ve been in ministry since:  1993

When and where did you get saved:  I was 12 years old at our Interdenominational Church Trinity, in Omaha, Ne.

Music that moves me: Worship and Christian Pop

Favorite singer or band: Toby Mac

Life-changing moment: Finding out I was pregnant after being told for 6 years I would never have children.

What sport are you good at?  Volleyball, Football (according to my husband) Softball, back in High School I was a Cheerleader (and yes that is a sport) J

Fears:  SNAKES!!!

Favorite book: The one I am reading at the time! Right now it is Without Rival by Lisa Bevere

In my spare time I… Hang out with my kids and or husband. I like to read.

Favorite TV show: Dancing With The Stars

Favorite actor: I don’t have one

Favorite food: Sushi

What makes you laugh? My Kids, they are awesome, you should meet them!

The most exotic place you’ve even been to:  Poland

The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done: Bungie Jump

My hero:  Dan Lewiston

Least favorite thing to do:  Cook