Cornerstone JR

Leader: Lisa M. Johnson

Phone – (978) 790-3023

E-mail Lisa –

Wee Worship

Sundays Starting at 10:00 AM

For kids ages 4 – 5

In Wee Worship, we plan many activities that encourage the children to learn more about God and to be closer to Him.

Welcome: Ages 4-12 are all welcomed into the Large group area and play a group game and check in with their leaders.

Praise and Worship: All kids are encouraged to praise God in their own way during our worship time. They are encouraged to jump, dance, clap, and sing to Jesus through high energy songs and then take some time to be quiet during our softer songs.

Snack-Time: They will have a snack provided for them. They will learn how to talk to God by praying and thanking Him for their food. This is a nut-free classroom due to teachers and children with allergies, which are posted on the wall.

Craft-Time: A craft is provided that will go along with the theme of the lesson. At different times they will use crayons, washable markers, washable finger paints, Bingo Dabbers, glue sticks, etc. There are aprons and smock shirts available for less mess.

Story-Time: The teacher will read a story that is a reinforcement of the Bible lesson. There are questions and suggestions to get them actively involved with what they are learning about.

Bible Lesson: The lesson is provided in several ways-DVDs, coloring pages, activity pages, Bible references where they all look up the memory verse together, all of various themes. This is also followed up by some questions about the Bible story to help them remember.

Play-Time: They will have a chance to play with the toys at the end of class when the teacher has finished the lesson while they are waiting for their parents/guardians to pick them up.

Games: There are age-appropriate games chosen to assist the theme of the lesson that will help them with learning memory verses, and also with school activities-learning colors, numbers, letters, etc.

If interested in becoming a Teacher or Co-Teacher in our Wee Worship classroom, please contact Lisa Johnson.