Freedom Isn't Free - Pastor Dan Lewiston

Mind, Will, and Relationships

Sunday Service from 06.28.2020

Mind, Will, and Actions

Sunday Service 06/21/2020

Mind, Will, and Emotions

Sunday Service 06/14/2020

I Can Do It

Precious In His Sight - A Discussion With Christopher Sconiers, Pastors Dan and Jen Lewiston

You're Not Alone

05/24/2020 - Sunday Service with Pastors Dan and Jen Lewiston

What's Pandemic Proof in Your Life

Purpose: Its More Than a Mom Thing

The Ripple Effect - Pastor Dan Lewiston

Keep Calm and Pray On

Prayer - Better Than A Wireless Connection

Easter Conversations

Colors - Pastor's Dan and Jen Lewiston

Jesus and Social Distance - Pastors Dan and Jen Lewiston