Nancys Bio

Full name:  Nancy Ann Phelps       

Nick Name:  Tweeter

My mom called me:  Nancy

Your family:  My Husband-Curt, children- Chris, Sherry, Molly, & Eric. 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandson

Ministry Role:  Church Administrator & Financial Bookkeeper

Dream vacation:  Go to California and meet my cousin I never had a chance to meet.

What’s your regular order at Dunkins?  : (Boring) Decaf with cream only

Favorite movie:  “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Favorite scripture: Mark 9:23 “If you believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”.”

People who inspire me are:  My husband Curt and my friend Marie.

Previous job or line of work: Many years ago – Cook

I’ve been in ministry since:  1992

When and where did you get saved:  I received Jesus when I was 16 at a Jesus Rally at Fitchburg High School . I rededicated my life in December of 1986 and have been serving Him diligently since.

Music that moves me: Christian Contemporary

Favorite singer or band: Jesus Culture and Elevation

Life-changing moment:  When I got married to my love of my life, Curt and when I gave birth to my 4 children.

What sport do you enjoy watching?  Football

Fears:  Height

Favorite book: Bible

In my spare time I…love to cook and experiment with different ingredients 

Favorite TV show: NCIS

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington

Least favorite food: Broccoli

Who makes you laugh? My grandchildren

The most fun thing you’ve ever done:  I loved going fishing in our 21 ft boat with my husband and son at Buzzards Bay and catch black sea bass.

The most special place you’ve ever been to: Niagara Falls

Least favorite thing to do:  Laundry